Bridging the gap between creative and technical departments

Rasmus Eriksson is a Director of Photography and Virtual Production Supervisor based in Oslo, Norway. He has worked as a DP for feature films & TV series, commercials and music videos.



Rasmus is one of the first cinematographers in Scandinavia to specialize in virtual production. He has on-set experience as a virtual production supervisor guiding productions through the process of shooting from script to post. Bridging the gap between the creative and technical departments with both workflow and processes.


Our Clients

High quality, realtime previz enables smoother creative and budget decisions, resulting in quicker turnarounds 

Change the time of day in minutes

Our Projects

VP integrates film and computer generated environments in the same medium. By filming real people in front of LED walls och projector screens (where realistic computer game environments are projected), the illusion is created that you are filming anywhere in the world, but in the comfort of a studio